rip1 [ rıp ] verb **
1. ) transitive to tear something quickly and with a lot of force:
Jodie ripped the letter open.
Stop pulling my shirt you'll rip it.
rip something to shreds (=destroy something completely by tearing it): Her skirt was ripped to shreds.
rip something on something: I ripped my jeans on a sharp nail.
a ) intransitive to be torn:
It'll rip if you keep pulling it.
b ) transitive to make a hole in something using force:
A bolt of lightning had ripped a hole in the door.
2. ) transitive to remove something quickly by pulling hard:
rip something out/from/off/away/down etc: We've ripped out the old fireplace and put in a new one.
He ripped his shirt off and dived into the water.
Pictures had been ripped from the walls.
3. ) transitive to take something from someone in a way that seems unfair:
rip something from someone: She saw a second gold medal cruelly ripped from her grasp yesterday.
let rip INFORMAL
1. ) to start to do something with a lot of energy
2. ) to suddenly become angry with someone and shout at them
let something rip INFORMAL
to make a vehicle move very fast:
Out on the highway you could really let it rip.
rip the heart out of something MAINLY JOURNALISM
to destroy or seriously damage something:
These changes will rip the heart out of the island's economy.
,rip a`part phrasal verb transitive
rip something apart to destroy something completely:
The committee had been ripped apart by the allegations.
The explosion ripped the bus apart.
,rip `into phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
rip into someone to attack or criticize someone very severely:
She had publicly ripped into him on a television talk show.
,rip `off phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
1. ) to cheat someone, especially by charging them too much money for something:
Tourists are worried they'll get ripped off.
This government is ripping off the country.
2. ) to steal something:
Cars get ripped off all the time around here.
,rip `through phrasal verb transitive MAINLY JOURNALISM
rip through something if something such as a fire, storm, or bomb rips though a place, it damages or destroys the place very quickly:
The explosion ripped though her home.
,rip `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to tear something into small pieces:
I ripped up all the letters she'd sent me.
2. ) INFORMAL to decide that something such as a plan or an agreement is useless and stop using it:
We have to just rip up the rule book and start again.
rip 2 [ rıp ] noun count
a hole in something produced by tearing:
My shirt has a great big rip.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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